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to your business

Brick Abode is a custom software
development company. Execute software
projects that (actually) succeed.

We help business leaders refine and execute their
software projects successfully

Get Help From Experts

Work with technologists who know their stuff and who are easy to work with.

Experience Better Outcomes

Secure an actionable plan that gives you what you want and meets your budget.

Grow Your Business

Work with a company that helps clients win more market share through successful implementation of technology projects.
For someone managing a business that has real technology needs, there's nowhere else you're going to get as much peace of mind, clarity and thoughtfulness as you would get at Brick Abode. If it needs to be done, and it's high risk, the only people I would call would be Brick Abode.
Gary Young
Co-founder, Royalty Exchange
Gary Young
Royalty Exchange ISOS Technology Neo Way Business Solutions Recorded Future Hubcriação Inteligence for Success FEE Foundation for Economic Education
Minimize your risk by putting clarity before commitment.
Fit your technology to your business, not the other way around.
Projects are defined by business outcomes, not technology details, so it’s always clear how your investment achieves your goals.
What we do:

Business and technology analysis

Custom web and mobile software development

Software testing & release engineering

Ongoing technology maintenance and support

Technology problems

Do you feel like your technology doesn’t work well to help you achieve your business goals
Do you spend too much time trying to get your tech guys to meet your needs
Are you worried your software endeavors will blow up time, cost, and scope
Some technology providers try to seduce you with the latest, greatest, and useless, then they drain your money and energy and leave you without a satisfactory solution. Let’s work together to destroy this way of doing business.
Let’s make your technology work for you.


  • Are you ready to have clear milestones?
  • Are you ready to have an accountable tech provider who ties results to payment?
  • Do you prefer to have timely communication with one primary contact person?
  • Do you want post-project support and ongoing development?
  • Do you want a one-click-leave guaranty so you are never locked into a relationship?
  • Do you prefer a contract written in plain English with no hidden legal jargon?
  • Do you want to have total ownership of all of your intellectual property?
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Techniques for Successful Technology Projects

Techniques for Successful Technology Projects
It can be overwhelming to think about executing your technology ideas because you might be frustrated by past experiences with technologists. Here are some suggestions that will help you achieve success.
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How does it work?

  1. Schedule an appointment.
  2. Tell us about your business.
  3. Work together to refine your technology idea into a custom, detailed plan.
  4. Get quotes from Brick Abode and other vendors of your choice.
  5. Execute your successful software project.
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